Digital twins platform

Triportation powered by Amadeus

Structured platform with a network of generators that work around it.


VR environments of destinations and companies with information and management of real travel processes and collaborative experiences with metahuman avatars.


AI sales and experience recommendation system with AI agent avatars.


Voice-enabled app for the customer experience of companies on the platform.


Talent Platform

University-Business Connection Hub

Travel Tech School by Amadeus

Travel Tech School is an initiative born from The Wise Dreams group with the support of Amadeus, to accelerate the transformation of the tourism sector based on intelligence, talent and innovation.

Based at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, TTS by Amadeus connects University-Business to align skills and intelligence in the sector.

TTS Hubs actualmente abiertos

TTS by Amadeus

As a Training Network

Talent and training platform. The TTS training nodes contribute to enhancing the user’s skills in the areas of VR and Metaverse y Reskilling.

triportation-certification-logo Triportation Certification
Aimed at maximizing the development capabilities of the Triportation powered by Amadeus platform, comprising different workshops focused on the field of VR and the knowledge and work of the Metaverse.
talleres-reskilling-logo Reskilling Workshops
In order to re-qualify the tourism sector, TTS offers a series of workshops covering the following areas:

Marketing Skills


Revenue Skills


CRM Skills


R&D platform

Canarias Living Lab

Promoted by The Wise Dreams to develop R&D in real and experimental environments.

CLL is a platform for create data, share it and develop AI. New innovations that allow us to improve and create new products.


Innovation Platform

Adaptations of tourism capacities to other sectors

Dual Learning RV

Platform of digital twins of real processes to learn to evaluate oneself
dual-1 Neuroevaluation and soft skills training.
dual-2 Dual training of real replications of business processes with AI metahuman coach avatars. Competence development recommendation system for productivity and employment through AI.
dual-3 Cyborg Augmentation Kit (vision and listening) for employees with decision in real time by AI.


Platform of family digital twins of company to people in solitude.
emoternity-1 Voice-enabled app for elderly's company.
emoternity-2 Assistance system with AI caregiver avatar.
emoternity-3 Family activation VR with metahuman avatars.

Team & Partners

Edu WIlliam

Edu WIlliam

Co-Founder & CEO

Juan José Cardona

Juan José Cardona

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Vanesa Perfil

Vanessa Tobajas

Legal Leader

Juan Guerra

Juan A. Guerra

IT Leader

Echedey Martín

Echedey Martín

Product Leader

Álvaro Carreras

Álvaro Carreras

Software Manager

Carlos Sánchez

Design Engineer

Carmen Quesada

Design Engineer